Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visiting Pangasinan for a Family Affair

It was a long trip to Pangasinan. Normally, it would just take you 4 hours to Macatarem. But for us, it's an 8 hour ride. Why? We were lost. We made one wrong turn and boy, we paid for it big time. We left at around 10pm. It was morning when we made it to the city.

Macatarem is a vast, plain land. There weren't too much to see, maybe because we really didin't go around much. We were there for the wedding. And after the 8-hour gruelling ride, there isn't so much room for sightseeing. Right after going down the vehicle, we have to change clothes for the wedding will start in 3 hours.

When the wedding is over, we decided to go to Lingayen. The locals said there's a beautiful beach there and it's only a 30-minute ride.

Well, it isn't. Maybe an hour, tops. For someone who knew the place, it is possible to wheeze through the highways and get to Lingayen in a jiffy. That's not a problem with us. We were able to see good sights along the way anyway.

Pangasinan was a beautiful province during the day. We sure have seen countless of breathtaking scenery along the way. Most are fields with the mountains as the backdrop. It was a nice sight. I felt so close to nature.

And the beach, it was magnificent. It's the best spot we have gone so far. The wide beach is all for the taking. No entrance fees or anything. It was not too consumed by the commercialism, like in Batangas where every beach is fenced and you have to go through a private property before you can enjoy the waters.

It's like being in California where you can just park near the beach and enjoy some water fun. It's possible to just lay a bath towel on the sand and enjoy the sights. There are nipa hut cottages at the sides too, just in case you want to relax under a cool roof, away from the heat of the sun.

The waters are clean too. As far as I know, this is the Lingayen Gulf we're in. You better see it for yourself and have fun like we did!

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