Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nasugbu Batangas Revisited

I have frequented Batangas. But this is only the first time I'm writing about it. Last Saturday, we drove to Batangas at around 2pm. We arrived at our destination by 6pm. It's a four hour ride from Manila and the traffic's good. It's the holidays so we're really not expecting any traffic jams at all.

But when we got to Silang Cavite, there's a slight congestion on the road. The reason? It was their feast day. There were bands playing on the streets, making the roads a little clogged up. But that's okay. We had fun seeing all the bright colors and the costumes of those who participated in the parade.

As we passed by Tagaytay, I tried to take some pictures of the famous Taal Volcano. Unfortunately, I wasn't that successful. I was able to take shots of the pineapple farm though. But as for the smallest volcano, I would have to try my luck about that next time.

We arrived in Nasugbu and rented a small nipa hut. We're going to spend the night at the resort so a good place to stay is necessary. We didn't sleep though. We just swam the night away. When we went back to the cabin, its almost 2pm.

I'd say the night swimming in Nasugbu is not as fun and as loud as that of Puerto Galera or Boracay. It's a lot peaceful, with only a handful of people braving the waters at the wee hours of night. There's not much lighting either. We have to rely on the full moon to light our swimming path. There were people peacefully sleeping by the sand too. If I had a bonfire I would be more than glad to join in.

I had fun at the beach. I tried the floating technique and I'd say I was able to get the hang of it. I wasn't all that good but it's a start. I'll practice more next summer.

The next day went in fast. As early as 4am, the kids are awake already asking permission to swim. The sun didn't shine until past 5am so it was still dark at that time. We have to wait because the waters are still cold. By 6am, we decided to go back into the waters. We had fun until eight.

It wasn't noon yet but the sun is high and the water's getting warm. Even the sand is slowly getting to hot under your feet. At high noon, nobody can walk to the shore without shoes or sandals on. It's impossible to cross the scorching heat towards the beach without foot and head protection.

By 2pm we prepared to go home. It's a full 24 hour experience for me. Nasugbu is not a new place. But every time I'm closer to nature, I feel as if I'm in a new place all over again. This is how I love Mother Earth. And I'm doing my share to save it.

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