Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Baguio Pics

Visiting Baguio

Ok. So a lot of people have seen this place. But as for me, it's my first time. The travel up there is so long, I must say. Seven hours aboard the bus going up to Baguio and six hours going down is not exactly thrilling. I'm from Manila so that's why it's such a long ride.

When we went up there, Kenon Road is closed. I guess it's under rehabilitation so we took Marcos Highway. It's a good thing that the views are good so for seven hours. I kept myself occupied.

The biggest challenge was the zigzag road. I didn't like it, so to speak. Seems like the bus would topple over and we're dead meat on the steep ravine. It didn't though, so thank God for that.

It was 5pm when we got to Baguio. We boarded the bus at 10am. Yeah, we should have started the journey earlier. But we encountered some problems and that's why the trip started that late in the morning.

Anyway, at 5pm, we were worried more about where we should sleep rather than where we should go. It's a good thing that Baguio is still a place of tourists. There are a lot of hotels and inns to stay. Finding the right place wasn't that hard. We got a pretty cozy place with a private bath. And it's cheap too.

Dinner is at SM Baguio. The place isn't much different from the SM's in Manila. But hey, it didn't need air conditioning. Cool and pure Baguio air to greet you. And there are sight seeing terraces as well. The shot of the University of Cordilleras was taken at the 2nd floor of SM Baguio.

Because of the long journey, we slept early. After Piolo Pascual's Lobo, we're off to sleep. We watched it first before sleeping. I can't help it. I'm a big Piolo Pascual fan. Good thing there's TV at the room we stayed.

The next morning was devoted to sight seeing. Our place was a walking distance to the Burham Park. So we got there first. It's also there were I first tasted the much talked about Baguio strawberry taho. Tastes good, by the way.

The trip to Burham Park isn't complete without riding the boats. So we hailed one and enjoyed the short boat ride. For sixty pesos, you can paddle around the lake with the boat. Add twenty pesos and somebody will haul the boat for you.

After Burham Park, we went to Mines View. Too bad that they prohibited the kids that used to catch coins there. It's quite a spectacle before. But I guess the kid's safety are more important than attracting tourists. But just the same, the place is captivating with a picturesque view of Baguio.

The next place to check out is the Botanical Garden. You'll pass the garden on the way to Mines View. So upon leaving, you can drop by the place and take a time off with nature. Nice views. Filled with trees, flowers, statues, bridges, and souvenir shops too.

The Teacher's Camp is just a few steps from the Botanical Garden. You can check it out, although there's nothing much there but vacant rooms where travelers can stay. Used to be a place for teachers when they are up in Baguio for a conference.

We tried to go to the PMA and at Camp John Hay. Unfortunately, they're already closed. It was 4pm when we're done visiting these three spots. We just went to the Baguio Public Market and bought souvenirs and food to take home.

At 5pm we boarded the same bus line to go home. It was just a short trip, but it's worth remembering. It is even worth writing about for me. That trip inspired to me to write this blog.

Well then, till my next new trip out in the sun!